Friday, March 16, 2018

Garden Temptation

Gardening is like an addiction.  
Once you start  you want more, more, and more.
Like my tilling yesterday.  One garden wasn't enough-
thought I had to have a little more room.  Geez.  
Even though I was tempted yesterday and kept on tilling the second plot;
opening this journal helped.  I found the list of things I had to have, and didn't want to live without.  
Those candylope seeds ... aren't on there.  But it's okay... -I'll most likely still live without planting them.

- The extra plowed up plot has other possibilities.  
Things that are on a wishlist.
A swing
An area for a big stump to build a gnome house
A small fairy garden, a bug hotel,
or  aviary...
Time will tell.

One more story 
to share for the day:
About an hour ago I heard the chickens sound an alarm.  
I figured it was just  buzzards coming to dine on a dead possum in the pasture. 
I walked out ...and a bald eagle was on the bank of the pond! 
I took a photo but had the wrong lens on my camera... 
They're switched out now just in case I get another try.  
If the right lens was on it might have been a good pic!
Bummer.  Oh well you can at least tell it's an eagle.  

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Itchin To Dig

 It's tshirt weather this afternoon and
feels soooo good to be really warm.  

While I did till  the garden last Fall;  it had really sprung a lot
of weeds so today; (itchin to dig).. fired up the old craftsman.   
Honestly, I didn't  do a great job because it was actually a little too wet but 
at least the grass and greens got turned under.  
 As I made the rounds; I kept thinking about the whole 
"plant less' thing so there'd be a  little more time for other activities this season.  
My little spot in front of the shed here is  small...  but actually 
larger than this photo really shows.  
 ..After finishing; I wound up doing a block behind the fence;
...muttering the whole way.  
--"Girl what are you doin?'  
--"What do you need all this for?"  
"Well... there's those baggyfuls of candylope seeds I'd forgot about and  dried n saved in our junk drawer," I reasoned.
"And Blakelea... she's gonna need pumpkins planted in mid Summer."  
"And cucumbers?.... there'd be more room for them to stretch and sprawl out a little." 
I pray someone else out there talks themselves in and out of things like this....?  - Do ya?

Will this spot out here get planted?  Heck I dunno?!!!
(Good question)..  
But if it does...  the earth got turned under and... 
 Pest control came and worked hard on the plot.  
Then they all took a good bath. 
The 48 Chevy got a bath too.  
She had green fungus growing on one side so that was scrubbed off
and the bed  hoed.  She's not rabbit proofed yet... but that'll be another day. 
While tilling, even  Larkspur got turned out to scratch in the dirt.  
He's a fine mess today isn't he?  
This is how ya look when someone slathers Vaseline on  your feet and legs for mites
and then  lets you out to play.
He's filthy.
But still loveable.   

Well I'm burnin daylight  and still have a couple things to get in the ground.  
Brought one box of  these dark purple lilacs yesterday at Sam's and 
have some onions to put in.  The onions will be fine but not sure about the lilacs?  
My other is budding but not leafed yet.  May be safer  to keep these in the greenhouse 
for another week at least.  

That's my story today.
Thanks for stopping by the olde shed.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Writing The Story

 Every day I look forward to opening my email 
to discover what the National day of  ___ is.  
For whatever reason, it's fun to me.  
I sometimes laugh, shake my head in disbelief... or nod wanting to celebrate
it for all it's worth.  
Especially the food days.  You know; pancake day etc... :)
Today among other things it is.. national write down your story day.
How can you not love that if you're a journaler?  

Even now as I stare at this screen the word journaler keeps leaping out at me.
Not only because I love the word but because it's underlined in red.
It screams red, "correct meeee!... and this  "udder" rebellion flat out refuses.  :)
It's all part of writing the story.  -- Least to me.
Sometimes there is a lot of reading between the lines... even red ones.   
And every day has something to record.
A thought... a surprise... a little thing to celebrate. 
Sometimes our story  includes someone else.  
So many...
Ordinary, extraordinary
beautiful little things.   

 They attract us... if we'll see them..
especially when they're shiny or twinkle in the Sonlight.    

 On the surface... 
life  can seem still
and plain ordinary. 
But ordinary 
is extraordinary
if only we can see it. 

is what I'm writing today.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Every Lil Bit

The other day, someone told me that 
this photo of our Old rooster is  frame-able.  
I've found myself thinking about that statement alot.  The "How we "see" things," of it.   
What do we each perceive to be worthy of framing? 
What do "I" perceive worthy of framing?
People, places, things.. animals.....colors...
Beautiful Imperfection?
No doubt some of all those things... 
But after thinking about it... I bought a brand new frame:
This is what I framed.  
This beautiful work of art.  
I see the moment of the memory the very most when I see it.
I recall her sitting on my lap... 
The smell of something coconut on  her neck.
I remember those chubby fists wanting to hold every crayon out of the box 
all at the same time.  
I remember her dropping them one or two on the floor and 
how I tried to hold her steady on my  lap while I reached down 
trying to reach those capsized crayons.  
I remember how she scribbled on the table a little
missing the paper- and how I didn't wash it off..
and don't ever want to.  
I remember drawing the heart myself while 
encouraging her to "help." Grammy color.  
I remember it all.  
It's all frameable.  
Every tiny little scribbled bit.  

Monday, March 12, 2018

Plant A Flower Day

Hello friends,
I'm writing to you from a brand new computer.  
The last one wasn't very old but kind of contrary from the start.  
Then one day it just froze like a brick.  
Not good timing for our pc to up and die.  

Anyways; I've missed writing here and sharing with all of you.
 In real life, the shabby olde potting shed is beginning to grow a little.  
We've had tons of rain and with every sunrise things look  greener.  
As soon as it dries out enough; it'll be time to fire up the tiller.  
I'm getting so anxious to start diggin in the soil....
-to be really warm ... and get a farmers tan going.
I wore a tank top yesterday afternoon out working 
There's nothing like feeling that warm sunshine on your neck and  shoulders.  
It's the little things!
Since I last wrote; tomatoes, daisies, and chamomile are sprouting under  grow lights.  
-Just today I picked up a package of Dixie cups to start another mess of flowers in.
I used those little five dollar flats to grow the tomatoes in and I'll just bet they'll need
to be transplanted into something bigger before I can set them out.  
There's just not enough soil in those.  
The Dixie cups work better for me; you can write on them what's planted and they're cheap. 
Wish I'd have used them to start with.
Speaking of planting;  it's plant a flower day!  So if you've been waiting for an excuse...
there's one for us  right there.
If you live up North; I realize you'd  have to plant something in a pot and keep inside a good while still.
I feel for those of you who are getting snow storms right now.  
Spring really is coming though.  

I had to go to an eye appointment this morning and on my way home; 
 dropped off a tiny pot of lavender at a neighbors door.  
She and I  have a standing joke, how we both kill lavender but
....maybe we shouldn't  claim defeat with flowers-  
...   keep fighting for the sake of flowers.
She said hopefully this will make it.  
We  can always give it another go can't we?... 
Every day is a new day.
Every season a new season. 
 Plant something else, or some where else...
But  keep sowing those seeds.  
Afterall, who  knows what could happen? 
Just thinking of it all gets
my head spinning like a rusty whirligig...with new ideas.  
-Especially cool things to plant in, and ways to make the garden 
fun  for my  grand daughter.
A place for fairies and gnomes to hide. 
Just think of all the possibilities!

I sign off with a new scripture picture to share.  
Feel free to use and pass it on. 

Have a great day!  
And thank you  for visiting the shed,